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Lynn Lamb is an indie author with a number of book series under her belt. She’s recently released the second book in her Opus of the Dead series. That’s about a female executive in a cutthroat office environment who ends up being brutally murdered by a serial killer – most of the story takes place in the afterlife. Meanwhile, her Survivor Diaries series (hence her Twitter handle) charts the experiences of a group living through post-nuclear assault.
 Fashion mag editor and musician whom I’ve never engaged with beyond the odd IG comment (which I hope she didn’t regard as problematic!)

The Wild & Free (via ) A band whose lead singer is very fine and a talented dancer, and she’s a great vocalist too.

NY punk band with a big web presence:

Orsom Irish poet and spoken word performer:

is a great Balkans-born wordsmith and poet whose spoken word has a dash of hip hoppery about it from what I’ve seen.

A mag aimed at international students:

This chap is a booktuber and vlogger based in Japan where I believe he teaches English:

Joshua Robertson’s social media presence tends towards charting writerly progress with some great tips for his fellow indie authors (he’s been successful at it from what I’ve heard on the grapevine).

Mental health advocate Sarah blogs and writes about how to deal with everyday anxieties, its impacts on families and more.

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