YouTubers & Tweeters worth following

You can subscribe to these #YouTube and Twitter accounts. Far as I can see, all these Youtubers have fewer than 5000 subscribers or the hours logged to qualify for the video platform’s partner program. But the content is worth checking out.


A California-based writer and young yogi seeking representation for YA fiction, Nicole’s video content and writing advice is often funny and insightful.


Atlanta-based Costa Rican indie author of the Human Cycle series and collections of poetry, JD offers reviews and details related to indie publishing – and I’ve taken his advice more than a few times.


Recommended by JD Estrada above, William is a “dapper” Englishman with a nice line in book reviews and impressive facial growth.

A frequently parodic expert in all things Zen, Pryde’s more serious poetry impresses while her comedy content seems to skew those who dip their toes into the pool of wisdom without fully committing. (She’s a well-spoken Canadian-based writer – think of a better-looking, more grounded and/or Esoteric member of Seattle’s Crane family, maybe Frasier and Niles’ sister – for an idea of her comedy.)

Kevin is a poet and event organiser based in Ireland who collaborates with others to perform work in places of sacred, spiritual or historical significance. He describes himself as surrealist poet, but to be fair to him, his work can frequently be more profound than that tag suggests.

Silvia’s acting and musicianship (from what little I’ve seen) have consistently impressed me. London-based, she met me back in 2013 when she came to Ireland for tour guide work after I’d asked her for some details on the 2012 London Olympics, where she was a dance performer. She’s smart, opinionated, and Swiss-born. I’m sure I’d get an honest and different opinion from her whatever the topic.

Beronica is a Science Communicator whom I have met a few times. Originally from Peru, her channel features interviews with professors and academics, and covers events in STEM.

More to come.

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