Movie Review Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Mild spoilers:
The most creative “Destroy the Death Star” type plan since Return of the Jedi is thrown away in this sequel. In terms of such plans, it’s not derivative the way ROTJ, The Fanta Lemon, or Abrams’s’s efforts are.

For originality alone, it is worthy, although it has a dash of the chase after the Falcon in Empire Strikes Back. Beyond that, though, the fact that this movie can afford to toy with viewer expectations in such a fashion is a breakthrough. And beyond pissing this subplot against the wall of the trash compactor Finn and Rose don’t escape through, the movie confounds expectations in other ways. This is ultimately impressive.

There’s social commentary, particularly at the movie’s end, a look at what constitutes a hero as things are femsplained to Poe, and a terrific performance from Benecio del Toro.

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