Myk Pilgrim’s Write Tip: Tracked Changes while editing YOUR OWN STUFF

So Myk Pilgrim (whose books are available at Amazon) has shown off his self-editing chops from his Instagram account.
Tracking changes is not something I had considered while editing my own stuff but I took to it after seeing Myk post his own material and his hilariously self-critical comments. I added a few to my own edits below.

One thing that I hadn’t considered was how important this tool can be for making changes that work – often, if switching around or adding a clause, for example, you think it’s “fixed” when in fact it’s been potentially worsened by a clarification (or whatever else).
Maintaining tracked changes allows you to return to that same section and see how it reads later with a cold eye, once you’ve left the editing alone and/or moved onto another section.
If you’re not doing this at the editing stage, perhaps you oughta!
Great stuff altogether.

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