What Rhymes with Bastard by Linda Robertson

First published in 2008, What Rhymes with Bastard by Linda Robertson (on Goodreads here) is an amusing account of the author’s life with her boyfriend, first in the UK and then in San Francisco around the turn of the millennium.

Her fella is a junkie who tends to disappear only to re-appear days or weeks later, a little worse for wear, requiring stays in psych wards having lost the run of himself.
Think typically English Hugh Grant type dialogue in this context and you get the idea. She, meanwhile, has been an assiduous student, painfully shy and academic and body conscious.
She ultimately blossoms into what could be described as a reasonably competent copywriter at what appears to be a ludicrous advertising firm. (Or something.)
Details on some of her job spec, and her work colleagues, highlight the crazy working life she led in SF. Meanwhile, she and her guy are crammed into an apartment with a bunch of other people. 
She’s musically creative too. Navigating this life while dealing with her guy’s newfound peccadilloes (found from where, we wonder?) the heroine is also writing music with whimsical lyrics.
Although the importance of family is a theme, she pokes fun at her parents’ foibles as well as everyone else’s. 
Funny stuff throughout, the work reads like fiction, and gives an idea of what went on during the first dotcom bubble.
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