The West Wing and a Conservative Radio Host

So I am pretty sure I’ve seen every episode of The West Wing in recent months (although I could be wrong). It took some time. I’ve watched at least 30 episodes more than twice. Lucky me, eh? Lucky. Me. (Coz it’s good.)
I got a Season Two boxset from Irish radio station Newstalk (on George Hook’s show) after texting my answer to a TWW-related question back in the way back when, before the second series premiered in the Raging Thirties.
Hook’s been in some hot water recently over a comment he made (I believe) related to women inviting rape. There’s nothing right about what he suggested. He apologised.
Hook has also said in the past that he relied on his wife financially for much of their working lives, while he crossed streets to avoid debtors. He has said he’d be dead without the women in his life. 
He also has (he claims) an aberrantly low cholesterol level, so I imagine this (apparently) conservative voice will be around for some time, even though he’s in his seventies.

Much as with George today, due to trouble with the distributor Newstalk were a year late sending out the boxset. That’s another bug-bear I have with George Hook. This isn’t about Mr Hook though. Read a couple of disjointed thoughts about The West Wing here.

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