Snowden and Trump and the Grey Area

“We’re living in a time today where journalism is occurring in an environment of extraordinary threat. As official sources of information for the American citizen, the American voter, begin to dry

up, confidential sources, people in government who know the reality of what’s going on, particularly when the actions of government start to go out of bounds, are critical now. This is America. When something goes wrong, don’t we want somebody to stand up and say something about it?”

~Edward Snowden, pre-Trump
Trump has called Edward Snowden a traitor.
Snowden once said:
“Every decision I have made, I can defend.”

I’m really confused. I know the president’s only allegedly RAPED a few CHILDREN, or got babies to piss on his head or something, but you know the way they got Al Capone for tax evasion instead of
-extortion, etc?
There are a lot of grey areas in the hypocrisy of this Trump chap and his team. 
There’s the standard politics that’s par for the course.
Like his campaign promise to keep Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security? He is failing to keep that.
Meanwhile, profiting from his White House staff and security staying at his own resorts is a grey area because he has temporarily handed management of his businesses over to his kids. 
When Obama played golf, he had to pay the clubs. The clubs did not pay him. Still, grey area. Emolluments schellmell… schmell you later.

Trump’s treasonous collusion with Russia is a grey area because no one’s actually at war with Russia.
Trump advocated the hacking of Hillary’s emails in public campaign speeches before the election.

Does that not suggest that he wanted to show how all-powerful he was? That even the Russians were taking orders from him? He in effect said If they are hacking into things, they should hack Hillary’s emails.
And he calls whistleblowers like Snowden – who would speak out against Russia, even from Moscow, if the Kremlin needed to be criticised – traitors? 

Sacking Comey and others is a grey area when Trump HIMSELF ADMITS he has sacked people because of the Russia investigation. He wanted people fired because they were investigating the interference of Russians in the election, and Russian links to his campaign. HE has SAID THAT.

Is that not perverting the course of justice? Grey area how?

People on the campaign team like Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner and Don Jr all said or swore that they had NOT been in contact with the Russians, when they had. The questions put to them did not relate to “improper contacts” – as Kushner has spun it.

The questions related to MEETINGS with RUSSIANS.
Jeff Sessions said he had had no contact with Russia when he had met the Russian ambassador more than once. When you’ve been caught in a lie like that about meeting them bad Russians, you can’t backtrack and say “Well I just mean no improper meetings.” And they were improper. Trump’s team discussed the possibility of setting up a secret channel of communication with the Kremlin from New York. So the Trump administration-elect wanted a channel of secret communications with the most powerful and dangerous government in the world when it comes to acting against US interests, and in spying on the United States and its citizens, over the last 80 years.

The Trumps have completely undermined the US intelligence services by siding against them with Russia, regarded (often by the same Right who affiliate with Trump) as the biggest threat to US and world freedom since World War 2.
Obama pointed out that Snowden’s whistleblowing revelations helped to improve US intelligence services.
But how is any or all of the Trump administration’s collaboration with Putin a GREY AREA?

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