Trump and Golf Carts

“I wouldn’t leave the White House. Obama always leaves the White House.”~Trump, pre-election, on one of the many occasions he criticised Barack Obama for taking too many vacations.

How about Trump walks around the golf course instead of forcing the Secret Service to spend $60,000 on golf carts?  
At Mar-o-lingo (or whatever it’s called), the Secret Service has spent more than $34,100 on golf carts, according to CBS. That’s many times more than what the Secret Service refused to pay for Colombian prostitutes under Obama.
They should refuse to pay for golf-carts at resorts owned by Donald Trump, given that he’s 
1. the owner of the resorts at which he vacations.
2. has a reputation for refusing to pay for services he’s already received. 
It’s like a karmic tax.

Like the rest of us, Trump’s getting very fat. He needs to do one of two things to lose some weight: 
1. Start walking around these golf courses so that the Secret Service doesn’t have to put in purchase orders for golf cart rentals, or
2. have a stroke (no golf-puns intended).
With a stroke, he could look more like the disabled journalists he likes to take off in his onstage skits, and the weight would fly off as he wouldn’t be able to feed himself. 
[Post-stroke Trump reaching for chocolate.]
“Goo goo gah gah!”
[Nurse pulling candy away.]
“No no no, Mr President! A pinch on the lips is an inch on the hips!”

A stroke is unlikely. His NY doctor claimed that Trump was the fittest potential president EVER before he won the election. 
Given that FDR was probably in better shape than the gorgeous real-life billionaire Tony Stark, is that not a false medical document that Trump submitted? 
Could the Democrats look into that and maybe impeach him?

(And it doesn’t sound like the doctor wrote that pre-employment fringe-science medical report. It sounds like Trump told him to write that while he waited outside the doctor’s surgery in a limo. Because that’s what happened. Trump was probably too busy at the time explaining to the Russians how it’s very probably a criminal offence to hack into the DNC email servers.)

Has Trump taken a salary yet? Can he be held to his promise that he wouldn’t take a salary as president? Apparently he donated his first quarter salary of $70K to the National Parks – but he cut funding to the Department of the Interior (which runs the National Parks) by billions. So it’s swings and roundabouts – but if you find them in a National Park, don’t use them as they cannot be maintained.

So while Trump’s time is taken doing all of his AMAZING work (not) criticising torch-throwing Nazis, withdrawing from climate change agreements, organising press covfefes, explaining how he’s going to kill terrorists in Afghanistan, gutting services to battered women’s refuges in the states where lots of folk voted for him (which Obama maintained funding to despite being SO terrible, from the White House AND the golf course) and banning transgender people from the Armed Forces, he also needs to WALK from hole to hole, and waive the costs of golf-carts for his own staff.

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