how to activate your Shky Bocksh

Hello. If you’ve seen the TV version of this ad while your Sky Box boots up, you’ll know from my soft, non-threatening voice that I’m not one of those hard-hatted macho-man electro-technicians. I’m nice and explainy.

But if your Sky Box isn’t connected to a broadband connection, you’re missing out. When you’re linked up, you become part of Rupert Murdoch’s widest network of listening posts on the planet.

Don’t worry: You’ll still be part of one of the most expensive television services in the UK and Ireland, part of a group whose leaders often suggest that the BBC is biased by comparison to them when – without apology – they support the likes of Trump, Bush, Blair and Theresa May, and whose journalists have a vile history of bugging, hacking and harassing celebrities, the families of murder victims, and politicians with whom they disagree, because that’s part of the deal.
First up, you need an ADK-1373 connector box. If the router and your connector are in separate rooms, press and hold the WPS button on your connector box. Then, press the WPS button on your router. Locate your network using the onstream instructions. Or onscreen. It doesn’t matter. You know what I mean, and you can tell from my nice voice that I mean you no harm.
When you’re prompted, enter the password EVILoftheAncients, remembering that it’s case sensitive.
If you don’t see the Welcome Message on your screen, don’t worry.
Simply go to the setting sections of your Sky Plus box, scroll down, and select Apply for Communications Engineering Degree.

It’s easy to get connected. Very easy.

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