Expired blueberries inspire us all

#Expired #blueberries #inspire us all. Isn’t that how the expression goes?

Trying to find out online whether expired blueberries are very dangerous is difficult. 
People say:
“Well, I wouldn’t!” or
“You can put them into a pancake!” or
“The sporofidiums boridiums in blueberry blight have been known to turn sheep’s wool straight.” or
“I would boil them into a wine first, and then strain it through a goldfish.” or
“Just sayin’. Moses fell asleep atop Mount Sinai on a patch of gone-off blueberries, and he came back down the hill with his tablets. Just sayin’.” or
“Cut the fungus away from the rest and any misty ones that are left, with the misty tint? send those ones off to the local government’s Hazardous Waste unit in a hermetically-sealed envelope. You can eat the rest though.”

None of it will stop me from my good healthy eatin’!

Right, I’ll be back next week to let you know how my trip went!

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