Guest post from Socrates

Hey everybody! Cmere a minute.
I’d like to just give you my bio up top. I’m the first of the three great Greeks when it comes to the love of wisdom. I taught Plato, and then Plato taught Aristotle.
As the first in this triumvirate of philosophers – and excuse the use of a later Latinate signifier to describe the three of us – you could say with some qualification that the entire tradition of Western thought originates with me.
Introductions out of the way, I have something I want to be clear about. It sums up my beliefs system, my mode of thought, my methodologies. My entire opus can be summed up – all issues reconciled in the dialectical style – by letting you in on this little nugget of wisdom I picked up on the way to the agora.
Here – in a nutshell – is everything I know:


That’s it folks.
Right, I’m here for eternity in the works of others’ and the word Socratic.
Try the lobster…
for a crime it didn’t commit – which is being served as food, so he’s boiled alive in a pot for your delectation.
But let’s not judge the non-kosher pescaterians. Don’t let it hinder your happiness.

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