Bella Emy: Author Interview

New Jersey based Bella Emy is a prolific romance and fantasy

author. Her new release – soon to be available at Amazon – is A LOVE BEYOND TIME – featuring Ariella, a young woman who discovers powers that may allow her to transcend the unhappiness of her broken family home and make a better life for herself. 

Bella Emy talks about her opus and this upcoming work of fiction below.

How closely aligned, for you, are fantasy and romance? And are the distinctions fuzzy?
Well, even when writing fantasy, my books always have romance in them. Therefore, I believe they go very well together. My fantasy books–The Charmed Necklace & Enchantress– both have a very deep romantic feel to them. 
A Love Beyond Time, which although has a strong fantasy theme to it, is truly considered a romance novel. 
One of your books, Two Wrongs Make a Right, features a heroine plagued by guilt over an affair. And looking at the dynamic between Bruce and Emily as they separate in Brokenhearted, the thought strikes me that often the people in a successful relationship (a marriage, say) regard it as more important than the people themselves – and if the husband and wife don’t prioritize the marriage over themselves, it can fall apart. What do you think?
I agree with this and believe that it proves to be true in both these books. Both Two Wrongs Make a Right & Brokenhearted have examples that show what happens when people don’t make the effort in their relationship. In my opinion, it is very important to have a good foundation if you want your relationship to last. I believe this is true for any relationship; not just a romantic one.
Does A LOVE BEYOND TIME feature time travel? It’s fantasy but is it set here – I mean on Earth – at all?
It does involve time travel in a specific way, and yes, it is here on Earth. 😊
What’s the scene your proudest of writing in this one?
Well, it’s a short book (novella) so that might give

too much away lol.

Tell us a little more about it!
I look forward to seeing what my readers think as this is a different type of story that I have written than my others!
A Love Beyond Time comes out next Friday 5/26/17!
Thanks very much, Bella!
Bella Emy’s Amazon author page is hereand her Facebook page is here. You can get her book at Lulu.

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