I’d rather not have to support people’s freedoms to believe in fairytales myself. Although I envy the happy-clappy “God will find a solution, I place my trust in the Lord” demeanor of those who believe, a small part of me will always think “These people are morons.” (I know not everyone of faith is a moron and it’s a prejudice.) But just to address this notion that apparently ten brazilian Muslims are radicalised because they sympathise with Al-DAESH and Qu’ISIL and whoever else.

Let’s say the one true and apostolic church is Catholicism, right?
You’re compelled to believe this if you’re a Catholic. But how many of these Catholics want YOU to join them in their Church, want YOUR church or beliefs destroyed, and their Church and beliefs accepted?

We meet more Catholics than Muslims, each and every day. You wouldn’t even realise it. Right? (They all look the same.)
Are these Catholics even suggesting that you join the Church? Are they SLY about it? I know Muslims who believe in God but are secular. They still identify as adherents to Islam.

But they’re not looking for a Caliphate any more than a strict Catholic wants to see one true church. And many Catholics DO want to see this church, if their religion is anything to go by. 
But what many secularists would regard as a social nightmare is an IDEAL situation in the Platonic sense.

To take both religions, abortion is wrong, but in an ideal world, where all people are heteronormative, and monogamous, and married, or single and celibate, and all men “supportive” of their wives and children, and all people are Christian (or Muslim), abortion is a sin and the pro-life stance is not as problematic. You’re married, you’re supported, and supporting each other, and you like everyone else is a good Christian/Muslim.
But that’s really only if you’re fucking PERFECT in the Christian or Muslim sense. Okay? It’s not a perfect world.

Even most priests who preach this stuff are neither holy nor decent enough to back it up. Coz we all know the stories of the marvellous priests and nuns of endless patience in the Catholic orphanages and boarding schools of yesteryear. With their spanking paddles.
Can too many Muslims in one country turn the clock back through theologically-based politics? Taking (what many regard as

medieval and regressive) steps such as bans on divorce and/or abortion, and undermining free speech, and bringing back corporal punishment for blasphemy and stealing? Less than one percent of the population is Muslim in America, and 22 percent of the population is registered Catholic.

How many Catholics DON’T believe entirely in Church doctrine? How many use birth control or have been divorced? And the

Church is a religion with a central authority. Islam has no such authority.

Here’s why I’d argue that Islam is not a problem: 
If you had 30 million Muslims in the US, it would not be a problem.

You can ask anyone if they sympathise with terrorists – as many Muslims claim to do (and that’s just the ones who admit it – the “radicalised Islamoblammos”, as I like to call them) – and the answer will be Yes.
Why? (There’s a BIG why.)
Because just going back in the last 15 years:

Hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims (and non-Muslims) have been killed in their homelands by people doing things in our name, or 
-they have been placed in situations where they lack utilities like running water by people doing things in our name, 
-or they have intermittent or no electricity, 
-or their local hospitals have been bombed by the West, or allies of the West 
-or indeed their enemies, who blame the West 
-or they have been conscripted into local militias on pain of death because the West went in and pulled out (and it was no fun for anybody), 
-or they are denied drugs because of sanctions, because their leaders are lunatics whom the West were unable to remove,
-or the West have endorsed and armed these same lunatics,
-or a Christian in a Muslim country has to sneak out the back door of a bus on the way home because the bus has been stopped by a beardy militia, and a beardy weirdy has got on the bus coz he smells Christians, and he’s got a rifle, looking to shoot men who have foreskins, going Fee Fi fo fum and everything,
-or they are forced to flee their homes and countries
-or their toddler children have drowned at sea…
These are all problems that have been CREATED by Western (and let’s say Russian) interventions or non-interventions after messing it up 15 years ago.
By invasion and interference, for good or ill.

It has affected the lives of millions of people who wanted NOTHING to do with ANY of it.
To make myself clear:

If I was CHRISTIAN in the Middle East, I would RESENT the West for messing things up so bad because I have the bejeebers scared out of me because I am climbing out of the backdoor of a bus while people at the front of the bus are being shot, because I haven’t made a Covenant with Abraham on my willy. I would RESENT THE PEOPLE WHO HAD CREATED this situation, a few years earlier. 
The gun-happy, missile-profligage morons who think they can save the planet. Because they have left me in fear of my life while lunatics make dick-checks. Also, I JUST LIKE PUTTING OUT THAT IMAGE!

If my grandmother dies in a hospital where there are no meds because of sanctions, or my brother is killed in a drone-strike because satellite intel mistook a wedding for a training camp, of course it will politicise me, like it or not. It will politicise me if it’s a friend of a friend of a friend.

And it will politicise me for the rest of my life. 

There’s still a very very strong chance it won’t make me a terrorist, because I’m more like you than you realise, okay? – but it will make me feel pretty bad when you’re banging on about how #IslamIsTheProblem. How about we’re the problem?

And a week after the Red Wedding, when I’m standing in line for my water rations coz my tap water is brown, and a US Marine or a UN peacekeeper punches me in the arm with his rifle butt because I am straying out of the line, I might resent it all even more.

And if I HEAR about these things – whether I am in Jakarta or Dublin Ireland or Dublin Ohio, regardless of my creed, and I READ IN A MAINSTREAM WESTERN NEWSPAPER about how people in Baghdad are being pushed and herded around like cattle so that they have access to things that are generally-regarded as the basic human rights of EVERYONE, it will piss me off.
It pisses me off now.
My disgust won’t lessen when a pouting lunatic with a piss-colored combover starts shouting ONCE AGAIN about Muslims being the problem.

So can I suggest it’s NOTHING to do with Islam as a problem, or a religion of peace, or war, or jihad, or whatever else.

Because – as vile and disgusting and as horrifically wrong-headed as they are – *I* sympathise with these terrorists. Any argument that you can make against that, I’m actually very likely to agree with. 
“But they throw people off rooftops!” How do they have the freedom to do that? It’s not through Islam – it’s because the Russians or the US retreated from the region and it’s because they’re scumbags and lunatics. And if you think it IS THROUGH ISLAM, let’s say it’s through Islam or Christianity. Because the sin’s the same. Let’s say the KKK – to use the old analogy – are Christians. Aren’t they? So it’s an Abrahamic as much as an Islamic thing. 
Tanzania’s Christian government has pulled Bush’s Aids programs. The Muslim president (just before the current administration) didn’t have an issue with it. One of the few good things Bush did – and he was good on development aid – is gone due to rampant Christian homophobia. Can we call it that? Or maybe “doctrine”?

“All religion is the problem.” Yes it is.

“But they don’t let their women drive in Saudi and they export a radical form of religion.” Yes. It’s disgusting. So farken what?

Indonesia’s Muslim population swamps the 20 million in Saudi. They don’t have quite the same issues.

The argument’s been made that you wouldn’t WANT to seek asylum in Aleppo or Mogadishu. But every country on Trump’s ban is a country that has had bombs dropped on it by the West. Most of us wouldn’t mind taking a vacation in that seven-star hotel in Dubai or going back-packing through Malaysia.

Not every Saudi is a submissive wife, nor every Arab man a pig. 
There are opponents of this bullshit in these countries. You’ve seen the footage of the women doing their stuntdriving on the highways. 
These are also adherents of Islam – and they’re in the majority.

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