Marneen Lynne Fields’s Everybody Hurts

Marneen Lynne Fields does a superb version of Everybody Hurts by REM, available on iTunes. Her vocals have a real heart-wrenching aspect to them
Some of her other ballads – such as I’ve Never Ever Stopped Loving You – have touches of a Bond theme, or have echoes of something Tarantino might put on a soundtrack.

She has an ability to soar. There is both a quirky and a very independent sound vocally – an indie vibe rather than conventional pop.
She has been involved in musical theater. But Marneen confounds expectations.

Much of her music merits further attention – some of the songs are the growers that would be seen as album tracks, which is another reflection of her indie rather than pop feel. But the talent becomes very obvious after more than one listen.

She brings something to the REM song that isn’t in the original, an emotional richness and depth, and an impressive and solipsistic sadness that isn’t in the original. So impressive. And the best way to cover a song is to improve it. If you’re not gonna improve it, don’t cover it. Her cover is SO different, and deeper, and rawer in ways that aren’t in the original. That’s some achievement, for such a recognisable song.
You can get this version here.
Marneen is on Facebook here.

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