Complete Shit appointed head of Federal Department of Sanitation

President-elect Trump has approached a complete shit to lead the Department of Sanitation.

It comes weeks after a number of other appointments, yet to be Congress-approved, including the naming of a climate-change sceptic as head of the Environmental Protection Agency and a man who believes that poverty is a choice in charge of housing.
The complete shit is another controversial appointment to the Trump cabinet – but it’s certainly more appealing to Trump’s opponents than previous selections. 
Described recently as “a stinky lump of half-solid human waste”, the complete shit will oversee the flow of wastewater through sewerage systems on a national level, with a colon-cleansing budget of ten drillion saw-bucks to spend on poop treatment, stink-reduction and “watching the water swirl down the Right way”. The drilling project will be launched at the end of Days. The shit’s appointment is seen as another strong indication that praise be to jeebers God help us all xtyc ufz52Sfcb

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