Christmas Schedule on Alibi


Over Christmas, Grissom returns to help the team chase down a Native American alternative medicine ear doctor who cured his deafness ten years ago. The shaman has turned “really alternative”, resulting in the deaths of nine people through homeopathic cures. Guest starring: DB Gobbley as Ted from Cheers.

The Murdoch Mysteries
A nineteenth century American psychopath flees north after breaking out of jail because of fewer guards at Christmas, where Murdoch Mysteries and the Scottish police chief sort him out by determining that if he gets on the next train with just enough time to spare, they can send him back down Sooth.

Danny Reagan on tour
Blue Bloods
Danny Reagan reaches a personal crisis over the Christmas period as he realizes – after his years on the job – that he has killed more suspects on New York’s streets than he did enemy combatants during his two-week tour of Iraq. Meanwhile, Frank visits the cardinal for a confessional handjob.

Person Of Interest:

In real life over this Christmas period, think of the Born Again brigade who believe that the man who played Jesus in Mel Gibson’s Passion project is now on a show that sets the tone for an Orwellian apocalypse.
CSI: Viber:

A pervy older lady insists on sending the younger team members photos of her twat covered in Christmas decorations. Can they stop her before she continues? Guest starring: DB Boddley as Ted from Cheers.

Criminal Minds
The jetsetting team of FBI profilers are on their way to their latest multiple murder investigation on a number of US islands around Bermuda when their plane disappears under a massive bubble. Guest starring Criminal Minds veterans Shemar Moore as “Tridento”, Paget Brewster as Dr Marie Moreau Maru and Thomas Gibson as the “Dharma Santa”.

NCIS Los Angeles: From the wonders of technology available to the team, to the kinds of crimes they investigate, NCIS: Los Angeles is the least likely thing ever.

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