Marneen Lynne Fields: A brief review

Check out this track shared on Vimeo by Marneen Lynne Fields:

Her trademark style is the vibrato. At times soaring, at times oh-so-quiet, the tones emotionally compelling, vulnerable and powerful in ways that makes you sit up and take notice, I loved this singer’s cover version of REM’s Everybody Hurts for the same reasons.
This is a standard in an unconventional sense, a minor key, strangely lachrymose triumph. Its uniqueness gives one the urge to listen again, and then the song’s fine qualities grow on you, listen after listen.

The simplicity of the words are like a 70s love song, but the personal touches to those same lines – a cottage across town, the removal of necklaces (suggesting perhaps the freeing from the shackles of a relationship in one respect) – highlight again the wonderfully unconventional nature of the singer’s vision. She’s a musically astute songwriter and singer – and she is avant-garde in the best sense.

Another of her singles, Shadows, has very Bond-theme sound and you can listen on youtube.

Marneen very powerful cover of Everybody Hurts by REM is honest and raw. You can check that out and all of her work available at iTunes at the link.

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