Ice Rink? I think not!

During the last salmonella scare a few years ago, the local chipshop guy refused to put a fried egg atop my burger. I offered him €20 to do it. 

I had a hankering, as I told him. He still refused.

Then yesterday, there’s a knock on my door. I open it and the same chipshop guy’s bent down, lacing up his ice skates. Three or four years down the line, he’s looking for favours returned that he never gave me!

He wants me to take him to the local rink, he says.

I said “No way man!” and I slammed the door shut. I looked out through the letterbox at him. 

“I always enjoy your food, Gino,” I told him. “But you refused to put an egg on my burger a few years ago. This. Is. Payback.”

I closed the letterbox on the whole matter.

What’s the moral of the story? 

Don’t EVER not put a fried egg on my burger and then expect me to take you ice-skating.
None of this stuff actually happened!
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