Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Sex Scenes Broken Down

So I got recommended a sex scene Masterclass from the author of the Outlander Series, Diana GayAbandon, as I like to call her.

Why do I call her that? Because – and I am about to quote myself here:

“GayAbandon writes sex scenes with the masterful eye of an especially loved leader in a pornocracy.”~Me
@Writer_DG‘s https://www.amazon.com/Give-You-My-Body-Scenes-ebook/dp/B01HA4LFB6/

The Outlander series is set first in postwar Scotland, then it goes back in time – with one of the characters from the 1940s – to the mid-1700s. I like how Gabaldon introduces some history in the opening pages of the first book.

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Her husband character is a historian, full of waffle about the Jacobites and all that, her heroine’s uncle character is an archaeologist, sort of like Henry Jones Sr. apparently, and central protagonist Claire has had the opportunity to travel the world and get her hands and feet dirty at archaeo-digs in ways that others of her class and gender would not have done. So she has some background in the practicalities of life, alongside a nursing qualification and obvs some experience of wound-dressing et al in WW2.

I also like the actual typesetting in the Kindle edition, which has a very oldskool look typical of typefaces that pre-date the 1950s.

Anyway, I rackomandah!

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