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How do I see the full question, instead of just the “title” on here?
I am looking at stupid questions like “How do I tell my daughter she’s as dumb as she looks without hurting her feelings?” and I am so angry that I want to read the FULL question in order to be even angrier, with the clarifications and everything. I can only see the question title. SO HOW THE HELL DO I SEE THE FULL DAMN QUESTION?

Is it okay to get out of my vehicle?
I stopped for gas and – ironically enough – attempted to release some gas of my own as I came into the station. Call me old-fashioned, but we’d all be better off letting it out in the cab than while we’re paying for our fuel, right?
Unfortunately, what came out was not gas alone; and it certainly wasn’t a solid. If plasma is one of the states of matter, I think my little emission qualifies. Does plasma burn?

I have a twenty minute drive home, and I’m running on an empty tank. Should I risk the drive, or fill up, go in and pay? There are no further stops along the way. I don’t know if my flannel underpants have contained the disaster.
It smells in the vehicle.
Update: It still smells. I’ve been sitting here for three hours. Please advise.

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