Who Do You Think You Are? Ancestry Special

Here is a photograph of my great-great grandparents, Nana Kaka and Papa Poo. Nana Kaka’s real name was Katherine, but her younger brother Glascott couldn’t pronounce “Katherine” when he was a baby and he used to call her Kaka. So she held onto the name all of her life.

Her husband’s name was Roderick. But Papa Poo’s younger sister Prunella couldn’t pronounce his real name either. She just called him Poo rather than Roderick, but it was more because she was trying to get to grips with her own name, and her toilet training. She called everyone Poo. In the end, Poo stuck to him for the rest of his life.

Poo and Kaka got married in the year of our Lord 19XX. The Xs are Roman numbers that they had back then, because everything was pre-decimal.

The next daguerro type of rendering is of my other great-great-grandparents, the ones on my Step-Nappy’s side. 

Gampy Donie Dinny, Nanu Pinky and Granna Donna Moodoo. They led a sad and depressing life, which they had to share. Nanu Pinky was a huge fan of the colour teal, but the colour pink was the closest they could come to it back in the day. So everyone called her Pinky. It was very sad.

Happily, the tiers ran down their cheeks to make multi-level wedding cakes, which were rare before the Depression. They were extremely rich – almost too sweet and heavy for a half starved, tenement-dwelling Irish population – but Gamps, Nanu Pinky and Granna Moodoo still made a lot of money out of those cakes. They were very happy together.

Anyway, that’s about it – more ancestor stuff never!

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