Rowan Atkinson killed in missile strike

Police investigating a series of brutal and historical alleged sexual assaults on Mr Bean star Rowan Atkinson, 61, were killed alongside the talented actor following a targeted Janjaweed ground-to-ground missile strike on a United Nations airbase in South Sudan.

Janjaweed terrorists successfully strapped Mr Atkinson to a remote-controlled bomb, and launched him into the UN camp on the back of a mule after breaching the security ring surrounding the camp with a bazooka attack.

UK detectives who were investigating an earlier sex-related attack on Mr Atkinson, 61, as part of the ongoing Operation Yewtree, were also killed in the incident. 

It is believed that Mr Atkinson was groomed for some years in the early 1980s by “a Jimmy Savile class of figure, of North African origin, by whom he later gave birth to a baby’s leg”. 

It has not yet been established exactly what Mr Atkinson, 61, was doing in the currently famine-ravaged region at the time of his death.

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