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When is a car “too much” of a car?

A friend has added an extra pair of wheels to his car. But I am wondering if six wheels is too many? At what point is adding tires to a car “going a little bit too far” in terms of wheel numbers?
I accidentally locked my parish priest in my bathroom before going on a six-week vacation. But how do I explain this to him without hurting his feelings?
My local parish priest is “old” but he isn’t what you’d call “elderly”. I was packing my bags for a working/volunteer vacation in South America, and he called around with some building tools. He went to the bathroom after having a cup of tea. Rushing to get my flight, I forgot he was in there. I set the house alarm, which also automatically bolt-locks every closed door and window in my home. I tried to call him on the way to the airport, but I think he left his phone in my living room. I didn’t want to make too many overseas calls because they’re expensive while I’m in South America. So how do I explain this all to him when I get back home in five weeks?

Is it possible to masturbate a testicle out of existence?
I can’t feel one of my testicles, and when I press the fold of skin into where it ought to be, the flesh is sucked in a little, like a low-power hoover trying to pull the sac into my body. Is this wrong?

How do I get rid of the box of dead kittens under my bed?
What do you do when you have run out of the space under your bed where you hide all your dead kittens? I am asking for a “friend”. I still have plenty of space, but my “friend” has a lot of other junk under there and she’s a very messy person and she smells funky and I don’t really like her. Boy, is she a big stinker!

Is Donald Trump actually Donald Duck in disguise?

I saw a show called Duck Tails and it had a duck who looked A LOT like Donald Duck called Scrooge McDuck. But he also looked and acted like Donald Trump, and he had a lot of money. And he pouted because he had duck lips. Donald Trump pouts even though he has mean, thin lips, and angry expressions, and he makes funny faces like a cartoon too, all screwed up like when Donald Duck is angry. What gives?

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