How to Stop Trump Strategy of Gurning His Way to Presidency

He doesn’t earn as much as he claims. And he pays himself more than he’s worth. He has failed casinos, failed property developments, failed marriages, failed golf courses, failed his fellow men, and he failed his own university: 

And all of it done through the force of his own toe-like-fingers, constantly pointing at others with great charisma. 

A thin-Cheeto-fake-tan-skinned cheat in business, Mr Trump will also cheat his way to the White House with this same thin skin wrapped around his gurning face.
So how can Donald Trump be stopped? Even the Republican leaders want rid of him, but the Republican leadership is itself in disarray. 

With a new generation of politicians replacing those from the time of Dubya’s presidency, rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?

One innovative idea has been hit upon by Supporters of Beards & Sandals. The Beards & Sandals movement has been in operation – both inside, and outside, the beltway – during this entire election cycle. It’s in the process of being wound up by a rival wing of the Democratic Party. Wound up no end!

However, the plan is simple: 

To glue a $20 bill to the pavement in the vicinity of Mr. Trump. 

The glue itself needs to be applied liberally before the currency note is stuck down. Knowing that Mr Trump is in fact a low-income earner, he won’t pass up the cash. 

When Trump sees the two-sawbuck banknote on the ground, he will stoop to pick it up, and, as he struggles to take the bill, some of his fine lion’s mange of hair will fall into the glue, trapping him, in a reverse Rapunzel-like maneuver – to a two-meter radius.

Although the strategy was devised more than six months ago, the fans of Beards & Sandals have been unable to launch the operation. Their insistence that an organically-produced and environmentally-friendly glue of industrial strength must be used has proved a failing.

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