Bicycle Discrepancies

Men’s bikes have crossbars.
Women’s bikes don’t have crossbars.

What’s going on there?

On reflection, don’t you want to **** your bike?

At the new green start-up Bicycle Discrepancies, they point out that if men didn’t have a crossbar, they wouldn’t be hurting their nethers when they came crashing down onto the crossbar. 

This sometimes happens after a man fails to do some class of a jackass stunt in order to impress everyone.

Even in terms of sexual satisfaction, it makes more sense to implement the crossbar gender crossover. The women’s crossbars provided by Bicycle Discrepancies are padded, with a kind of a kinetically powered dildo mechanism that you can just put on there as an add-on, like a bicycle pump or a basket. A more technologically advanced dynamo-powered pad will be available in time for next year’s Valentine’s Day.

And the men’s bikes will have the crossbars removed, and also come fitted with a little pretend vagina, in front of the seat at the handle bars.

If you want to shag your bike, check out the great range of Bicycle Discrepancies products and bikes today!

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