You fill up my Census

Y is for You Fill Up My Census.
I should have posted this video here (where I posted the lyrics), but I had a chest infection. If you think I can’t sing in the video below, I definitely couldn’t sing back when I was meant to post the video.

The hi-viz thingy on my head repurrazents the hi-viz vests which the census enumerators were wearing across Ireland identifying them as counters. The census was taken on April 24. I was struck by the fact that one question asked “Who is your daddy, and what does he do?” or “How many children have you given birth to?” or something. That got me thinking about a retirement age mother.

Please support your outsider artists.

This is part of the Blogging A to Z Challenge, where you’re sposeda blog every letter of the English alphabet over 26 days in April, skipping Sundays and days where you have a sore throat and a chest infection, and then you need to catch up and it’s already the 7th of May so you’re kind of a failure then. But check it all out and take part next year.

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