X is for X-Men

In the early 90s, there was an arcade game featuring the X-Men. It had a very big, round-table dash with space for four or six players or something. 

At one point, when you’re about to level up, Magneto appears atop a cliff as his minions are about to begin their attack below, and he declares:

“X-Men! Welcome to die!”

He does the same throughout the game:

Source: Here.

I don’t think either Sir Ian or Fassbender would use that kind of shoddy English.
Seriously, though: Marvel or DC? Marvel, right? But, like, even with Nolan’s Batman?

Anyway, I didn’t think the first Wolverine movie was at all bad. [RUNS AWAY.]

This is part of the Blogging A to Z Challenge, where you’re sposeda blog every letter of the English alphabet over 26 days in April, skipping Sundays and days where you have a sore throat and a chest infection, and then you need to catch up and it’s already the 7th of May so you’re kind of a failure then. But check it all out and take part next year.

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