Why Writers are A**holes

More natural disasters need to have occurred recently for my new short story to work. I want a tsunami to take place somewhere in the world during the time of the current US election cycle. Pfff!

This place would do! Where is it?

It got me thinking how writers are complete a**holes. Just have a glance at a few examples below.

With respect to such a***olery, the opposite can be true too of course. If a writer has a story set in a small town in Australia, and there are bushfires taking place in the area, every day the writer will look at the news about the conflagration destroying homes in the state of Victoria hoping his little town hasn’t been hit by the fires.


A writer might be researching reasons why a character could be housebound. He’s reading an online research paper with no photos, about a kid who’s restricted in movement because she has some disease or disorder or syndrome. So he does a Google image search on the disease, coz he’s never heard of this disease by name before, and he sees people with the disease and he’s like “Oh, right! Those guys!” He will then use this disease as a pretext to keep a character in a home or in a sheltered life.

Or a writer will pen something ludicrous such as a driver being decaptitated by his own seatbelt, and some car expert says “That could never happen” and a year later, it happens, and the writer, reading the news of the tragedy is like “I was right all along! The story works!”


These are a few of the thoughts a writer might have in the course of writing a novel or story where he feels vindicated (or whatever else) by some of the worst stuff in the world.

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