Ecuadorians in Ireland – EcuatorianosEnIrlanda: U is for Unity and Solidarity

A small community in Ireland is raising funds for the victims of Ecuador’s recent earthquake.

Ecuadorians in Ireland – an association comprising less than seventy people across the country, in Cork, Galway, Dublin and elsewhere – are holding events in Ireland to raise these funds. Some of the people in the group are from or have relatives in the region, and they have been personally affected with the destruction of their homes.

They have longterm goals for the funding, such as education and healthcare provision, which will help to rebuild society after the media focus leaves the region struck by the quake.

Raffael Abarca, Yeah! Magazine director, is among the organisers of the fundraising events in Ireland. An event was held on Monday 2 May at the Mansion House, the Lord Mayor’s residence in Dublin City.

Also in attendance was the Lord Mayor herself, who generously provided the venue (the mayoral residence has function rooms for these purposes).

You can contact ecuatorianosenirlanda[at]gmail[dot]com to make a donation or to volunteer any support.

This is a very late post in the Blogging AtoZ Challenge, where thousands of bloggers blog from A to Z for the month of April. The theme for this post is U, for Unity and Solidarity.

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