R is for Reviews…

Jihadi, the debut novel by Yusuf Toropov, has been getting lots and lots of great reviews.

For the blogging AtoZChallenge, I share some of them here, because Jihadi: A Love Story is a thoroughly engaging book:

On Goodreads:

Victoria Goldman says:

Jihadi is intriguing, addictive, brutal, gripping, tragic and brilliant, with several strands that come together seamlessly by the end of the book. It’s written in an almost-rhythmic way that enabled me to get inside the characters’ heads.

KE Coles says:

Wonderful. The most fascinating book I’ve read for many, many years and probably the most original I’ve ever read. It’s heartbreaking, horrifying, and yet beautiful too. I think I went through almost every emotion while reading it.

The great reviews this book is picking up indicate how very good it is. My advice is to just read on through. Read it like a straight thriller, with footnotes from an editor who is contradicting the narrator at every opportunity. Read these footnotes too. The pay-off is an extremely rewarding read, with what could be described as an ending that is both as tragic and satisfying as the death of Socrates.

Get the book here on Amazon US or here on Amazon UK.

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