L is for LT Dalin

LT Dalin is a multilingual writer of fantasy and contemporary fiction from Norway.

Drafts of her fantasy work show great potential, although she is currently mining other seams in apocalyptic fiction, as well as discrete works in Norwegian related to the Vikings and the Roma

Author LT Dalin

Travelling community.

The emotional trauma experienced by one protagonist at a mental health facility in the first book of The Finder Chronicles displays LT’s ability to convey real-world drama. If one of the traits of a good fantasy scribe is the ability to draw on these same emotions for stuff that could never happen to a human being, LT depicts the experiences of these characters with impeccable realism.

Other English-language work includes a novel called Sacrifice opening with the awesomely rendered death of a vampiric father-figure as the sun rises, and a quirky, stylised murder-mystery titled Sleepy Bethesda, featuring a guillotine and what appears to be a vigilante execution. Imaginative stuff. 

Sometimes, LT takes an oblique angle into something, with a small demographic, such as pregnant women, and with it she’ll launch a story

She’s got to be the most gorgeous… I mean ehh…The Author LT Dalin

of universal themes, worthy of wider attention.

She also has numerous journalism credits to her name, she’s had more excitement in her short time on the planet than most people have in a lifetime, and she’s a superbly supportive writerly colleague in the online community. She’s also a lovely mother of two children under two. Not loving, but lovely. (She’s loving too, mind you.) And she bakes.

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