B is for BA Baracus AtoZChallenge

BA Baracus

So the last time I did the AtoZ Challenge, I covered The A Team. BA Baracus was a member of this four-man group of fugitives, who spent much of the 1980s being chased by the US Military Police and their civil equivalents around the United States and occasionally parts of Latin America and other parts of the world.

What I never placed emphasis on at the time of that last post was the fact that BA was in fact the mechanic within the group. Not just the mechanic: His skills were legendary. 

If you handed BA twelve milk bottles and two elastic bands, pretty soon he would put together an internal combustion engine. And he would have drunk all the milk. So there’s BA Baracus for you. 

He’s also big into electronics too, natch, and for the last couple of months, BA has been holding together my computer adapter, which has trouble delivering the charge to my laptop battery. He does all of this work without expectation of remuneration, performing his handstand like Atlas holding up the world. Photo evidence below.

So aren’t we all very lucky to have BA in our lives?

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