Can I Have Some Advice On My Latest Twitter Spat?

I got into a Twitter spat with a chap who is more into the organised religion than myself.

A Muslim writer colleague (Yusuf Toropov) said that he would be praying for a mutual writer (Paul Kater) scheduled to undergo a big but routine operation requiring general anaesthetic. (Routine for the medical establishment, but perhaps a first for Paul.) I told Yusuf to have his seance on his own time. His response – “In our circles, in our circles…” – jokingly suggested the beginnings of necromantic shenanigans.

I was holding my cat when the tweet came in. I responded in a similar jocular fashion, maintaining my intolerant, know-it-all secular, atheistic stance as I slowly typed back my reply one-handed.

But then the cat looked at me to get my attention, and cleared his little throat and declared:

“But the Prophet loves you, peace be upon him.”

I wasn’t that alarmed at the time. In fact, I’ve been filled with nothing but love in the few days since the event happened. 

But I need advice on what to do next!

What I’d like to know is:

Should I contact a pet psychologist to have the cat sorted out, or a feline neuroscientist?

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