Cold description versus Opinion

Malice, resplendent, majestic, rage, marvelous, furious, evil, etc are extreme descriptors, based on opinion.

Would it be fair to say a piece might be more powerful without such words, particularly a third person narrative?

Yes, I’m serious Jessica! And get out of this train toilet while I’m sitting on it, you fricken nympho!

It’s like the word luxury – you see the words “Luxury Smoked Salmon” on a packet, it’s not as good as “Wild/ Lean/ Mahogany-Fired Smoked Salmon” – the first is a BS descriptor dependent on opinion.

Any one of the second descriptions says what it is without the need for “luxury”.

“majestic steed”, “resplendent palace” – BS words “muscled steed” (and mention powerful shoulders later) 
“baroquely ornate palace” instead of resplendent.

Whatevs. Poor examples, but you know what I mean? 
Maybe it’s better to stick to one word or phrase in order to drive home a point a number of times. Somebody has “evil eyebrows knitted in fury” throughout a novel or something. But it’s probably NOT better.

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