Toilet Humor

This actually happened to “my” “friend”… 

A friend tells me he was in the pub where this self-same very bathroom is a few years ago. As you can see, the hand dryers are right beside the sink. There were about ten guys crammed into the bathroom, whizzing against the wall or buying their disgusting chewing gums from the machine that taste like wet rubber or whatever it is guys do. Don’t ask me. I’m not a gender specialist. I’m just here for the fart story. My friend was washing my hands. His hands. The hand dryer was on behind me. Him. I mean him.

He cut the cheese right under the hand dryer, while washing his hands at the sink. The hand dryer was active and loud enough to cover the sound of flatulence. The hand dryer’s aural discretion did not transfer itself to the sense of smell.

The hot jet of air blasted a redolence around the confines of the small room so quickly that all the other guys in the bathroom actually screamed and started to rush for the door. 

Men fled cubicles. Guys. 

In a men’s bathroom. Coz of a bad smell.


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