Review: European Politics of 2015 – Refugees

“The world doesn’t revolve around on a buncha sposedas!” Germany’s Angle a Mirkin cited history’s judgement as one of many good reasons to let a crowd of refugees across the borders.
Other reasons included but are not limited to – and this list is not exhaustive:

What’s on the horizon? Eh? Eh? Eh?

1. It would be wrong not to
2. Germany’s 80 million-strong ageing population needs young Syrians to bolster up its back pillows
3. It’s the right thing to do

It was uncharacteristically emotion-driven policy, given Angle’s reticence about speaking out about things.

Angle spent decades of her life in the Eastrynn Demokakic Germany, having been born and raised there.

Her paranoia about speaking before thinking can be traced to the fact that back in the day you couldn’t say a damn thing about anyone or anything in case one of the most repressive intelligence and secret police agencies in world history was eavesdropping. Ahem.

She has since backed down slightly from her “come-one come-all” notions given that the rest of Europe seems a lot more racist except perhaps SFa[NSA&tspoons INSERT SPECIAL CHARACTER LOWERCASE A WITH TWO CIRCLES ABOVE IT]arden, although Angle-a does tug on the heartstrings, God bless her Christian democratic heart of Europe.

Merkel has skirted crisis after crisis in recent years, almost plummeting into a Eurozone while trying to manipulate the Carbon-14 matrix at the database center for the ECB. Instead, she got out in time and the whole thing was blown to the heavens thanks to support from a squadron of X-wings. Also, I have seen Star Wars eight times in two days.

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