Star Wars

Take one Jake Lloyd in Star Wars: The Fanta Lemon.

Gynanthropomorphize by 100 percent.


 Add 10 years.

Enhance and diminish cuteness factors in a variety of ways to make the lad more appealing.
Add a director who doesn’t behave like Alfred Hitchcock did towards his cast, treating them like automatons made flesh. Or, indeed, the automatons that some of them are sposeda be. 

And who, pray tell, are you left with?

The fantastic and amazing Ridley Diddly!

Is the resemblance intentional? If you can’t see it in the pics above, you can certainly see it on the big screen.

The Force Awakens is indeed everything that The Fanta Lemon ought to have been. For those who have lost their faith in the franchise, revisit it with this movie.

The formula is followed – as seen in The Fanta Lemon, Star Wars and ROTJ – in a manner that turns it into the strongest of those films since Star Wars, and there’s even a bit of fun pointing out these elements. The character arcs impress. Dialogue appears shoehorned and awkward in one or two scenes, but given that some of it’s being delivered by the seasoned actor who told George Lucas almost forty years ago “You can write this shit but you can’t say it”, it’s all good in the ‘hood. Great.

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